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In September 1981 PRMCO Ranch, owned by the Dennis family, auctioned it's cutting horses. The ranch stallion Nu Bar sold for $1,000,000 to a syndicate of Texas horsemen. This money formed the initial capital for an existing Healdsburg, California lumber yard. Soon after the 1982 purchase, Nu Forest Products was converted from a Redwood manufacturing plant to a full service wholesale distribution yard.

Nu Forest Products Nu Bar

The inventory was expanded to include such items as Douglas Fir Timbers, Long Dimension, Pine, Clear Douglas Fir, treated products as well as expanding the Redwood and Cedar inventory to meet the needs of our customers. With one truck and a lot of heart, Nu Forest Products has evolved over the years to the honest, high quality, and service-driven company it is today.

Nu Forest Products is a full-line lumber distribution yard  that, unlike many, has a wide range of milling equipment that enables us to handle all your specialized needs. We take particular pride in the fact that our highly skilled millmen can grind the knives and run any pattern that your customers might require.

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We’ve been serving builders for over 100 years and our long-term relationships with lumber mills, manufacturer partners and suppliers allow us to stay in constant communication with real time information. We take great pride in being a valuable resource and going above and beyond for our customers to ensure that you have what you need when you need it.

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