Lumberyard and Design Center Welcomes Homeowners

For Homeowners

Welcome Homeowners! 

Hayward is your destination to access building materials from doors, windows, and cabinets, to decking materials, specialty lumber and hard to find beams.  We have the expertise to help you complete your project using the highest quality materials within the budget specified. We’ll work with you to make your dreams into a reality. Visit a Hayward Design Center near your or schedule an appointment with our expert team.

Resources for homeowners

In our Hayward Design Centers, pro hardware stores and lumberyards you will find great products, valuable advice, and outstanding service. Hayward is also a leader in sustainability and environmentally conscious building. Our salespeople have gone through training for building science basics. Let us help you build better. Pros have relied on Hayward for 100 years, shouldn’t you?

Additional resources to help you on your project.


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